Vat jou goed en trek *

Vat jou goed en trek *:  »
* ‘Take your things and go (Ferreira)’

I’ve got my ticket booked, I am outta here, this place is on a one-way ticket to hell. Finis en klaar.

I really don’t feel welcome in France anymore. I could stay and fight; but it’s not my battle. I could help the troops here, but my place is back home. The restistance, for me, will be far stronger amongst my own people, who already know how to fight. « 

(Via OK Now.)

M’est avis qu’il n’est pas seul dans son cas. M’est avis aussi que je devrais commencer à penser à refaire les paquets que je viens de défaire.
Qui voudrait accueillir un chat blanc, du genre vieux matou castré mais qui a gardé sa ligne tout en développant un sale caractère ? Je ne blague pas !


5 réponses à “Vat jou goed en trek *

  1. My battle is in my garden, with myself. I don’t care for anything else.

  2. And so, nobody cares about what you do. Fair enough?

  3. I have left Bordeaux physically, but Bordeaux will always have a special place in my heart, hey, after all, that’s where I started blogging, and have written many posts about Bordeaux.

    It is time for me to move on, but I do appreciate having been listed here and Bordeaux En Pile.

    Unfortunately I never met Old Cola in person, because I never spent enough at the Cambridge Arms 😉

    But never fear, I will be back to vist, so stay in touch y’all.


  4. It would be nice to meet you, here or somewhere in Terra 😉

  5. Oldcola

    It is my sincere wish to meet you too « IRL » – in real life, and one day we shall. The point of my post « Vat jou goed… », was really the cartoon, done by one of SA’s finest cartoonists, who managed to capture a lot of my feelings in one cartoon.

    Néanmoins, j’espere que on y’a la possibilté de recontre á mon prochaine visité a bdx… provisoire en novembre…


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