Partez avec une œuvre !
Pour clôturer l’exposition ‘Ordre-désordre’ de l’artiste péruvien Santiago Roose, l’Espace 29 ouvre ses portes ce dimanche 14 octobre de 15h à 19h pour que vous choisissiez un morceau de l’œuvre et partir avec !

29, rue Fernand Marin
33000 Bordeaux
Tél. +33/(0)5 56 51 18 09

site Espace29


12 réponses à “DECOUPAGE TOTAL

  1. Oh le beau jeu de mots et la belle idée !

  2. Le fait d’être péruvien n’est même plus une excuse recevable pour le bon vieux coup de « je fais une bouse et puis je la casse – ou je la fais casser par les autres – et alors ça devient de l’art parce que le partage de la dépouille est un acte interactif avec le visiteur / spectateur ». On est plus en 1970.

    J’espère que cette démonstration de connerie virera à la séance de scarification publique.

  3. looking around your comments on the blogs, fredotcho, is easy to see your high level of frustration. Maybe bad, bad father or just bad sundays. ¿did you see The exhibition?.

  4. Why are you so pissed that you have to go personal on this ?
    Do you really think that it helps in any way ?
    Please tell me what I am missing here.

  5. Why are you so pissed about that action?
    bouse? connerie?
    I was in Bdx 3 weeks ago an see the installation. I found it very interesting in I also found that end was a very intelligent way to cast off that material. Then, looking for information about the artist, I found your comment. I think art is also material and see it just on his position of intellectual avant garde is blindness. I don’t know about the result of the « decoupage », but if just one people leave the place happy whit his portion, that works.

  6. j’ai été.
    j’ai un morceau chez moi qui a pu terminer dans les ordures.

  7. Now I get it. You expected comments on the art and you went to something that was intented to raise some conroversy (a wrong but effective tool to keep a blog alive).

    I must admit that I don’t feel comfortable with any type of of « disposable art » because it often looks like an excuse. Proof of that is that it easily generates mockery 🙂 . But I have a small piece of JP Raynaud’s house right here on my desk that says that art is made of deconstruction too. Using visitors as a garbage disposal apparatus sounds more interesting in many ways. The ref to cow dung was certainly not a good one as this specific byproduct of the most valuables.

    Please accept my sincere apologies as I wouldn’t want to read such a comment on an exhibiton I enjoyed.

    #6. Qu’est-ce qui t’a poussé à balancer ton morceau aux ordures ?

  8. Yes, maybe it was a dirty trick for obtain your feedback, but not very conscious. But sorry, to be Peruvian, or French, or British is not a reason for anything, I think.
    I was I bit pissed, I admit, because enjoy the installation. I found it honest and independent and also hard and well done. That’s atypical in times of diamond skulls and exclusive fairs. Maybe doesn’t have any innovative proposal but gives a fresh air. Good art for everybody.
    I talk 2 minutes with the girl taking care on the exhibition and she told me it was made on recycled cardboard and photocopies. Something like 350 pounds of material. That would become sweepings.
    In an exhibition like that, first that I think it is that the artist has reduced everything to the expression and the experience. A work done for that place and that moment. The “decoupage” wasn’t the piece but just the end of it. For that reason I ask you if you have gone to see it.
    PD: my apologies of #2. That was insolent.

  9. sorry, my apologies was for #4

  10. it was pretty while it lasted…

  11. No, I didn’t see it in person. I had a look at Roose’s work on the net and figured out that it was some sort of big 3D collage.
    I understand that it had to be dismantled in order to free the space but I still really don’t see what the interactive part has to do with the whole sense of these pieces. You could easily argue that I should shut it up and leave it to the artist. You may even be right on this.

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